Success! Carol Hannah Bridal Runway Show

What a wonderful whirlwind weekend!  I'm back from my trip to NYC for Carol Hannah's Bridal Runway Show and I want to share a few pics I was able to snap up while running around like a busy little bee.  The show was attended by some of the leading members of the wedding industry. Enjoy...
Me and Carol Hannah after the show!  She is such a sweet and darling lady.  Love her!

Run of Show programs ready to assemble after 5 hours of copying at Kinko's!

Heather of Gathering hanging the beautiful branches and bird nests.

Carol Hannah and all the wonderful worker bees!

Run of Show programs with delicious treats brought all the way from Charleston, SC.

My sister, Meredith, joined me on the trip and lent a helping hand the entire time.  Couldn't have done it without her!

Practice run.

Let the show begin!

Me with the lovely Heather Barrie of Gathering and lovely Kristin Newman of Kristin Newman Designs.  A huge thank you to them for bringing me on board for this project!
Also, check out Darling Dexter for some gorgeous backstage photos of the models.


Laura said...

What an awesome experience! I love Carol Hannah's work, and the invitations + programs look gorgeous as always- nice work Karly!

Karly Depew said...

Thank you so much, Laura! It really was a great experience ;)

Kerry Doyle said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting the pics! :)

Sukhi said...

Love the programs - everything is just beautiful and dreamy! How fun it must have been. Thanks for sharing :o)