Maeve & Hattie - BFF's

I recently made these little t-shirts for Maeve and her cousin Hattie.  They are only 7 weeks apart in age, which means they will share many wonderful memories of growing up together as BFF's.  The picture below documents one of those moments!  Too cute for words...
Maeve and Hattie
Each t-shirt uses their actual profiles.  Hattie's t-shirt is flipped to read "Hattie & Maeve".


A Shower for Bebe Bjornard

What a wonderful weekend!  Family, friends and a lovely day for a baby shower.  Our dear friends, Abigail & Erik, are expecting their first baby this October.  I hosted her baby shower at my house this weekend along with another friend of ours.  Just wanted to share some photos...
A screen printed onesie was sent in a box lined with the registry details and sealed with a wraparound address label.
The perfect spot to gather.
Nothing like a little spiked lemonade to get things rolling.
Lemon poppyseed flavored popcorn by Pam's Popcorn.  YUM!
Handmade paper rosettes.
A tie for the little guy.

Delicious cake balls by Sugar Inc.

Abigail now lives in NYC, so I created these pins to mimic the iconic souvenir.

Abigail and Maeve.

A gorgeous group of ladies.  Thank you for making it such a special day for Abigail!


Maeve's Stationery

Now that Maeve is almost one year old (unbelievable), I decided it was time to design her first set of stationery.  I used the photograph below to inspire the illustration.  The wispy bangs are her signature look!