A Shower for Bebe Bjornard

What a wonderful weekend!  Family, friends and a lovely day for a baby shower.  Our dear friends, Abigail & Erik, are expecting their first baby this October.  I hosted her baby shower at my house this weekend along with another friend of ours.  Just wanted to share some photos...
A screen printed onesie was sent in a box lined with the registry details and sealed with a wraparound address label.
The perfect spot to gather.
Nothing like a little spiked lemonade to get things rolling.
Lemon poppyseed flavored popcorn by Pam's Popcorn.  YUM!
Handmade paper rosettes.
A tie for the little guy.

Delicious cake balls by Sugar Inc.

Abigail now lives in NYC, so I created these pins to mimic the iconic souvenir.

Abigail and Maeve.

A gorgeous group of ladies.  Thank you for making it such a special day for Abigail!


manvi @ mochatini said...

in complete awe of the party decor. such a cozy and stylish look. must have been a great party.

Karly Depew said...

Thank you, Manvi ;) We had a wonderful time!

ALY1981 said...

this is beautiful! Did you make the paper rosettes yourself? Or were they purchased? I'd love details, please :)

Karly Depew said...

Aly1981, I did make the paper rosettes. I purchased a variety of decorative papers from various online vendors. Text weight or thin cover weight is easiest to work with. Check out my October 2011 post called "For the Love of Paper". I have included step by step instructions on how to make large and small rosettes. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

Sumiko said...

What lovely work you do, Karly! I've been thoroughly enjoying scrolling through your archives, and love all of the beautiful inspiration.

I was wondering if you would be willing to share what online vendors you purchased your beautiful card stock from? I went on a long hunt last night, but alas, could not turn up any offerings that rivaled the simple beauty and patterns of your picks.

Karly Depew said...

Thank you, Sumiko! I am more than happy to give you some vendor information. The yellow and white lokta papers with stem/floral designs are from Paper-Source.com and the Gray papers are from Archivers. I went to the actual Archivers store to purchase these, but I do believe they now offer shopping online. A few other places I often find great decorative papers are Hollanders.com, Papermojo.com and paperstudio.com. I hope that is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

Sumiko said...

Thank you for the wonderful leads! I am throwing a baby shower for a graphic designer friend who fancies Lotta, so the lokta papers perfectly suit and capture her tastes. Thank you for heading me in the right direction!

I was up way too late scrolling through page after page of overly saccharin, cutesy patterns that are way too shabby chic for my simple, minimalist friend! Your recs help immensely!

Karly Depew said...

Sumiko, I am so glad I could help. Good luck planning your the shower. Your friend is a very lucky lady :)

April said...

Hi Karly,

This baby shower was absolutely beautiful! I'm looking to get popcorn boxes made for a baby shower I am hosting and these are the cutest and most perfect ones I have found. Do you mind sharing the vendor for these?

Karly Depew said...

Hi April,

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I actually designed and assembled the popcorn boxes myself. Please contact me at info@oscaremma.com if you are at all interested in working together to create custom popcorn boxes for your baby shower :)